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Here is a new HELP resource which we hope you’ll find helpful — a cumulative listing of select child development resources and journal articles published in 2023 categorized according to the monthly topics that you see in the monthly HELP Reads. To navigate, you can click on the ‘Contents’ links to jump to section(s) of interest and scroll through selections for 2023. Please scan and share. We welcome feedback on this curated list.
The April 2022 issue of HELP Reads is available. The editor’s picks on page 2 highlight new research and resources from HELP and items on page 3 highlight recent ways in which HELP’s monitoring system data and EDI national data have supported important policy planning and action. We encourage you to review this issue to learn more about the various data-driven, research informed initiatives taking place around child development.
The April edition of HELP Reads includes new research on social and emotional learning; childcare, sleep duration trajectories in early childhood and academic outcomes, and more. Recent webinars and reports are also highlighted (e.g., Statistics Canada; Justice Canada; National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine; UNICEF, Indspire, City of Vancouver).
The August edition HELP reads is now available!
This issue of HELP Reads highlights new research and reports. Please explore and make sure to review the recently released Early Development Instrument Wave 8 BC provincial summary.
HELP Reads December 2023 is now available. Wishing everyone a healthy, happy holiday. Seasons readings!
The Feb HELP Reads is packed with new research including results from Youth Development Instrument (YDI) research; results from an early childhood study in Canada on screen time and developmental health; early learning during the first COVID-19 pandemic school shutdown in Ontario; and of course more.
Please see the wide selection of recently published research and policy papers, along with details of the upcoming HELP webinar “CHEQ trends & connections with the EDI” (March 2, 1:00-2:30pm PST) and more!
This is the first HELP Reads of the year. We’re kicking off January with several new publications. Please scan and share – there is tremendous impressive research included.
Welcome to the January 2024 issue of HELP Reads! This month's selections include new child development publications and current HELP research.
The July issue of HELP Reads highlights a selection of recent early learning publications and resources including: recent grant awards, policy-relevant recommendations on education assessment, findings on development profiles and children at risk of autism spectrum disorder, birth weight and readiness to start school.
HELP Reads July 2023 is now available!
The June HELP Reads showcases new child and youth research. Editor’s picks include “the UNICEF Report Card 17 - For every child” and recently published articles by HELP faculty and students.
The March issue of HELP Reads is now available!
Here are new resources and opportunities to learn more about helping children thrive.  There is a range of material, from youth facing nomophobia (anxiety related to ‘no mobile phone phobia’) to the ability to view 20 Years of EDI data a new interactive dashboard from HELP.
The May 2022 HELP Reads is PACKED with research findings, policy and guidance, interventions, global updates, and more.
This issue of HELP Reads highlights recent findings on organized activity participation and emotional wellbeing among non-immigrant and immigrant-origin children in BC: active school transportation; First Nations, Métis, and Inuit youth health in BC, and more.
Here is the Nov issue of HELP Reads with many new publications. This issue lands on the week of National Children’s Day, Nov 20 – please share widely.
This issue of HELP Reads highlights new research findings, reviews, national and international reports, policy papers, and more.
This issue of HELP Reads highlights a selection of recent early learning publications and resources.
This special issue of HELP Reads features themes connected to the February 2024 Early Years Conference (EYC) including social-emotional & mental health, greenspace, refugee, immigration, screentime, and more!
This issue of HELP Reads features several new resources including the Communities Going Active Toolkit, community briefs on human rights issues, the BC Poverty Report Card, the 2023 Child and Youth Housing in BC Report, as well as the World Happiness Report 2024. Relevant to the theme of well-being and mental health, we have also provided a special Appendix entitled How are kids feeling? Happiness and well-being of children and youth.
Summer reading options are available in this issue of HELP Reads. We hope that you find interesting articles in this latest selection!
This February issue highlights new research, new resources, and also features an important policy achievement! Please see the special section of HELP Reads entitled: Changemaker – Dr. Mariana Brussoni. ‘Risky play’ policy path: transforming child health policy; helping all children thrive.
HELP Reads January 2023 is now available!
This issue of HELP Reads features a special “Indigenous-themed Editor Picks” section to acknowledge National Indigenous Peoples Month and June 21, National Indigenous Peoples Day. It is our honour to be working together in respect of the peoples of these lands and their historical relationships with the land which continue to this day. Thank you…hay č xʷ q̓ə…chet kw'enmantúmi.
This month’s HELP Reads has a refreshed table of contents, featuring 9 themes with 3 subcategories each. Explore the categories and see what’s new in child health!
If you are new to HELP Reads, this monthly citation list provides cutting edge research and resources, including toolkits and briefs. We invite you to take a look, and share widely.
We are pleased to provide you with the latest resources relating to child and youth development!
Fall into reading with the October issue of HELP Reads — a curated list of recent child development publications. Please share widely! We aim to be on top of new publications and resources for the research, policy, and practice to help children and families thrive.
This month, we are featuring a selection of new publications, with an emphasis on Indigenous publications in recognition of September 30th, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.