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HELP Reads - April 2022
The April 2022 issue of HELP Reads is available. The editor’s picks on page 2 highlight new research and resources from HELP and items on page 3 highlight recent ways in which HELP’s monitoring system data and EDI national data have supported important policy planning and action. We encourage you to review this issue to learn more about the various data-driven, research informed initiatives taking place around child development.
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HELP Reads
HELP Reads - Feb 2022
The Feb HELP Reads is packed with new research including results from Youth Development Instrument (YDI) research; results from an early childhood study in Canada on screen time and developmental health; early learning during the first COVID-19 pandemic school shutdown in Ontario; and of course more.
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HELP Reads - Jan 2022
This is the first HELP Reads of the year. We’re kicking off January with several new publications. Please scan and share – there is tremendous impressive research included.
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HELP Reads - July 2022
The July issue of HELP Reads highlights a selection of recent early learning publications and resources including: recent grant awards, policy-relevant recommendations on education assessment, findings on development profiles and children at risk of autism spectrum disorder, birth weight and readiness to start school.
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HELP Reads
HELP Reads - June 2022
The June HELP Reads showcases new child and youth research. Editor’s picks include “the UNICEF Report Card 17 - For every child” and recently published articles by HELP faculty and students.
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HELP Reads - March 2022
The March issue of HELP Reads is now available!
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HELP Reads - May 2022
The May 2022 HELP Reads is PACKED with research findings, policy and guidance, interventions, global updates, and more.
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HELP Reads – August 2022
The August edition HELP reads is now available!
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