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Thomson KC, Richardson CG, Samji H, Dove N, Olsson CA, Schonert-Reichl KA, et al. Early childhood social-emotional profiles associated with middle childhood internalizing and wellbeing. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology. 2021;76:101301.
Positive childhood experiences (PCEs) may protect against depression among adolescents with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and promote mental health and well-being (MHW) among all pandemic-era adolescents. These findings emphasize the importance of addressing social determinants of mental health to mitigate the impact of ACEs and promote PCEs as part of a public health approach to MHW.
Samji H, Snell G, del Casal JM, Low B, Wu J, Badar S, et al. Youth Development Instrument (YDI): Youth development and well-being - School District Report, 2020-2021. Burnaby, BC: Simon Fraser University Faculty of Health Sciences, Capturing Health and Resilience Trajectories (CHART) lab; 2021.