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the 15 by15 Policy Framework proposes a fundamental shift in how we think about health care and human capital. We recommend shifting from treating illness after the fact, to promoting health from the outset of the human life course.
Cleary J, Nolan C, Guhn M, Thomson KC, Barker S, Deane C, et al. A study protocol for community implementation of a new mental health monitoring system spanning early childhood to young adulthood. Longitudinal Life Course Stud. 2023 Jul 1;14(3):446-65. Available from: https://bristoluniversitypressdigital.com/view/journals/llcs/14/3/article-p446.xml
This document synthesizes knowledge about opportunities to improve the state of early child development (ECD) on a global scale.
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Dr. Magdalena Janus of Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University, presents to the second meeting of the BC Cross-Ministry Early Years Development Instrument (EDI) Table.