CHEQ Reports at the school district and related neighbourhood level are only available for those districts that participated in CHEQ data collection in the 2022-2023 school year. Some reports in participating school districts may be suppressed.

Suppression occurs when coverage of the population is low or the population size of an area is very small. More specifically, data are suppressed when there are fewer than 35 children in a school district or neighbourhood for confidentiality reasons. The data are also suppressed when the uncertainty of the results (i.e., margin of error) is greater than 10%, which can result from low coverage particularly in areas with small populations.

By Location

Childhood Development Monitoring System Reports

Toddler Development Instrument
The TDI is in Pilot phase. No Reports or maps are publicly available.
Childhood Experiences Questionnaire
Reports are available at the project, school district, and neighbourhood levels.
Early Development Instrument
Reports and maps at the provincial, school district, community, and neighbourhood levels are available.
Middle Years Development Instrument
Annual reports and maps for participating school districts and communities are available.
Youth Development Instrument
The YDI is in pilot phase. It is administered by Simon Fraser University's CHART Lab.