As a former nurse, researcher, and currently doctoral student, I am driven to help and make a difference in the lives of people around me. I am passionate about doing research that can be used to promote the positive development and wellbeing of children living in underprivileged contexts. I was born and grown up in Pakistan. I have previously worked with children living in poor slum communities in Karachi and witnessed how different social conditions shape health outcomes for children. With this background, I hope to conduct research that can be used to inform interventions and programs for the healthy development of all children and provide equal opportunities for all children to succeed and thrive.
Alongside, my 4-year-old inspires me and makes me better at innovating, problem-solving, and being patient in dealing with meltdowns and mistakes. I am a first-generation university student and an immigrant in Canada. I love meeting new people, connecting, and discussing mutual interests and exciting experiences. Besides, I love to recognize patterns and spend time with nature. I am learning new skills like painting, playing piano and soccer. I wish to fly an airplane one day.