Dr. Emily Jenkins is a Registered Nurse and Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia as well as Faculty with the Human Early Learning Partnership. She is the Scientific Director of Wellstream: The Canadian Centre for Innovation in Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use and holds a Canada Research Chair in Population Health Approaches to Mental Health and Substance Use. She brings extensive clinical and research expertise from acute and community mental health and substance use settings. Her clinical training and experience informs her program of research, which aims to enhance mental health outcomes and reduce substance use harms for children, youth and their communities. Grounded in principles of mental health promotion, harm reduction, social justice, and equity, Dr. Jenkins’ research is characterized by an “upstream” and systems-level focus. Her research is responsive to emergent, priority health and social issues and includes interventions to guide youth policy engagement to promote wellbeing, as well as programs to minimize the harms of substance use across the lifespan. Presently, Dr. Jenkins is leading a systems transformation initiative centred on the development of national standards for substance use education and intervention in the K-12 school system alongside the co-creation of low-cost and low-barrier resources to support positive change.

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