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HELP Unveils New & Improved MDI Data Dashboard

The Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) is delighted to announce updates to the Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) Data Dashboard! The Dashboard is an online and interactive tool for exploring MDI data from participating BC school districts and independent schools over the past 6 years. This platform provides a comprehensive view of children’s well-being and assets in their lives at both the district and neighbourhood levels, offering easy access to data for informed decision-making.

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Updates to the new and improved MDI Data Dashboard include:

  • Data collected in the 2023-24 school year, allowing viewers to explore data over time from 2018-2024.
  • More data across the MDI dimensions and measures, including:
    • Social & Emotional Development measures, concern for the environment, citizenship and responsibility (Grades 6-8).
    • Physical Health & Well-being measures aligned with the Canadian Movement Guidelines, including sleep, physical activity, along with diet, active transportation and help-seeking for emotional well-being.
    • Connectedness to adults and peers.
    • Use of Out-of-School-Time, organized and unstructured, screen time and after-school places.

We invite you to explore the new and improved MDI Data Dashboard for data about children in Grades 4-8 at the provincial level and for children living in the selected school district and neighbourhood boundaries.

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