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Data & Connection Series: How Revelstoke Used 20 Years of Data to Strengthen Connection

The Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) gathers population-level data about children’s development and well-being through the Child Development Monitoring System (Monitoring System). Monitoring System data are woven into the fabric of BC — for over 20 years, these data have been used by school districts, health authorities, communities, and governments, as well as cross sector networks to inform actions in support of children and families. 

Feeling connected to others is an important source of children’s developmental health, well-being, and resilience (Oberle et al., 2014; Masten, 2018). Our Data & Connection Series profiles how communities have used Monitoring System data to inform community actions focused on connection – connection between sectors and organizations, families and services, and children and families themselves.

A Community-Wide Approach to Connection in Revelstoke

For the past 20 years, Revelstoke has used Monitoring System data collected across all five tools to inform their community-based work of strengthening child development and well-being in the region. In response to trends in the data, Revelstoke has taken a whole-of-community approach, focused on connectedness and equity.

With support from Michael Smith Health Research BC’s Reach Program and UBC’s Community-University Engagement Support (CUES) funding, HELP faculty and staff worked closely with Revelstoke Early Childhood Development Committee and School District leadership on a research and community engagement project to learn more about the “differences that have made a difference” in Revelstoke.

The recently published Revelstoke Community Profile summarizes the findings from this project. Intended to be a useful Monitoring System “data in action” resource, the profile offers a powerful story of knowledge exchange and community impact over two decades.

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Principal Investigator: Dr. Martin Guhn, Associate Professor
Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), School of Population & Public Health

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