Expo Winter 2021 Series

The impacts of COVID-19: What’s happening with BC’s children and families?
March 8, 2021

The stress and disruption brought about by COVID-19 are immense. The research available to date is clear: the pandemic has exacerbated existing social and health inequities and has had particularly significant impacts on our mental health and well-being. All children and families, but particularly those that are considered to be more vulnerable, are experiencing increased challenges in all facets of their lives, from social isolation and disrupted essential supports to food and economic insecurity. 

We’re in a time where the words ‘pivot’ and ‘unprecedented’ have come into daily use. And while we’re grappling to understand the full scope of the medium and long-term impacts of this pandemic, we can all see and feel the reverberations in the here and now. Through stories and data gathered from the multiple perspectives and experiences of parents and teachers, service providers, and children, we explored the lasting impacts of COVID-19 across our province. VIEW HERE

Please find the PowerPoint presentations (PDF) below:

Magdalena Janus - PPT (edited)

Honouring the Legacy of Clyde Hertzman: Reflections and Dialogue on 20 years of HELP’s Monitoring System
February 8th, 2021

Through various research insights and a unique and special dialogue session, Dr. Martin Guhn, Interim Director and Assistant Professor, HELP, SPPH, UBC, Dr. Magdalena Janus, Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences, McMaster University & Affiliate Professor, School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia and Dr. Paul Kershaw, Associate Professor, SPPH, UBC and Founder, Generation Squeeze, along with special guests Diana Elliott, Provincial Advisor for Aboriginal Infant Development Programs of B.C., and Her Honour, the Honourable Janet Austin, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, shared reflections, new research and revisited Clyde’s vision for a world where all children and families are thriving and explore how we can get there in these challenging times. VIEW HERE

Please find the PowerPoint presentations (PDF) below:

Magdalena Janus - PPT (edited)
Martin Guhn - PPT (edited)

HELP Coffee Talks - Series 2

A Conversation with Dr. Mariana Brussoni - August 25, 2020
Dr. Eva Oberle and Dr. Mariana Brussoni discuss the state of outdoor play in Canada, with particular attention to the COVID-19 context. VIEW HERE

A Conversation with Megan Zeni - August 27, 2020
Dr. Eva Oberle and Megan Zeni will discuss the role outdoor learning can play in schools and how teachers can start implementing outdoor learning activities in their classrooms this September. VIEW HERE

HELP Coffee Talks - Series 1

A Conversation with Dr. Molly Lawlor - June 12, 2020
Molly Stewart Lawlor, Ph.D, is an expert in child and adolescent social and emotional development. Listen as Molly and Kim discuss social and emotional learning strategies as they relate to equality and anti-racism as well as a way to help parents and their children as they meet the challenges related to COVID-19. VIEW HERE

A Conversation with Dr. Lara Boyd - June 18, 2020
Dr. Boyd is a Neuroscientist and Physical Therapist at the University of British Columbia. She is a professor and Wall Scholar. Dr. Boyd has held a Canada Research Chair, a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Career Scientist award and been a Peter Wall Early Career Scholar. Dr. Boyd directs the Brain Behaviour Lab at the University of British Columbia. Together, Kim and Lara discuss stress and the brain, sharing insights into what is happening with our brains right now! VIEW HERE

A Conversation with Dr. Patricia Jennings - June 25, 2020
Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl and Dr. Patricia Jennings, Professor of Education, University of Virginia, discuss adult well-being and trauma informed schools.

Recording - Unavailable


HELP Talks Making Space for Outdoor Play

Thank you to everyone who attended our February HELP Talks presentation, Making Space for Outdoor Play. We can not post the webcast recording because some of the research slides included unpublished data. We promise to share the webcast and research once the studies are published. 

Early Years Conference 2020
Changing Early Childhood Experiences Through System Change Pre Conference

Thank you to everyone who attended our pre conference workshop, Changing Early Childhood Experiences through System Change. Please find the PowerPoint presentations (PDF) below:

Early Years System Leadership Concepts (PDF) - Pippa Rowcliffe, Deputy Director, HELP 
Experiences Matter: The Childhood Experiences Questionnaire (PDF) - Dr. Alisa Almas, Faculty Research Associate and Research Lead of the CHEQ Project 
System Leadership Approaches in Action in BC: The Practitioner Perspective (PDF) - Maureen Dockendorf, Consultant, BC Ministry of Education (PDF)

HELP Talks Child Care in British Columbia Webcast Recording

Thank you to everyone who attended our January HELP Talks presentation, Child Care in British Columbia: Research, Advocacy, and Commitment to System Transformation. We are pleased to share that the webcast was recorded and can be viewed HERE.

Please view the event description HERE.

Fall Expo 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended HELP’s Fall Expo 2019. The morning presentations were recorded and are available HERE. Two of our presenters shared their PowerPoint slides. Please see below.

Meanwhile...Trends in the EDI patterns beyond BC (PDF) - Dr. Magdalena Janus, Professor at the McMaster University’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences where she holds the Ontario Chair in Early Child Development.
Generation Squeeze: Getting to the bottom of whay EDI trends aren't getting better (PDF) - Dr. Paul Kershaw, Associate Professor, School of Populatin and Public Health, UBC.