2011 Fall Research Exposition Event Summary

Thank you for participating in HELP’s Fall Research Exposition: 10 Years of Insight - Connecting the Dots. The day was a great success. This page is intended to provide you with access to resources that will help you continue this important work in your own community. Please click here for a PDF of the agenda from this event.

Video Recordings

The 'Cell to Society' Approach to Early Child Development

Dr. Clyde Hertzman, Director, HELP

What the Genes Remember: The New Epigenetics of Early Life

Dr. W. Thomas Boyce, Professor, HELP and CCCHR

Does Canada Work for All Generations?

Dr. Paul Kershaw, Associate Professor, CFIS, HELP

International Dialogue (Session 1): How to Put Research into Action in Communities

Dr. Joan Lombardi, Deputy Assistant Secretary and Inter-Departmental Liaison for Early Childhood Development, U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services
Anne Hanning, Indigenous Researcher and National Coordinator, Australian Early Development Index
Tracy Smyth, Community Facilitator, Alberni Valley Make Children First Network


Dr. Jennifer E.V. Lloyd
Early experiences matter: Lasting effect of concentrated disadvantage on children’s language and cognitive outcomes (PDF)

Dr. Brenda Poon and the Early Childhood Screening Research and Evaluation Unit
Early Childhood Screening Research and Evaluation (PDF)

Dr. Ziba Vaghri
Global Knowledge Hub for Early Child Development (PDF)

Elsie Kipp
HELP's Aboriginal Steering Committee (ASC) (PDF)

Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl
The Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) (PDF)

Dr. Barry Forer
Developmental Indicators at Kindergarten That Predict Boys’ Grade 12 Grades (PDF)

Dr. Anat Zaidman-Zait
Parent-child relationships and children’s externalizing and internalizing symptoms: the role of RSA reactivity (PDF)

Michele Sam
Raising Up of Indigenous Peoples in Our Early Years:Pre-Engagement Ethics in Research and Connecting Indigenous and Western Circuits of Culture through Decolonizing Research Methodologies (PDF)

Printed Handouts

All HELP's new Fact Sheets, Policy Briefs, and other printed materials are availible for download from our Documents Library.

Event Photos

We have posted a selection of pictures from this event on HELP's new Flickr Page. If you would like to receive a copy of a particular image for your own personal use, please send your request to help.events@ubc.ca.


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