Aboriginal Engagement

With the shared goal of children and families thriving, HELP works in partnership alongside BC First Nation and Métis communities to understand and address the needs of Aboriginal children.

HELP’s staff and faculty recognize and respect the importance of language, culture, traditional land-ties and self-determination for Aboriginal communities. HELP is guided by this philosophy as well as knowledge and data sharing processes.

Our Indigenous Community Liaison Coordinator is responsible for building community relationships and strengthening existing ties around the province. She also supports the Aboriginal Steering Committee in its mission to ensure HELP’s projects are culturally sensitive and relevant to Aboriginal communities.

The Aboriginal Steering Committee

Group Photo of the HELP Aboriginal Steering Commitee - April 2018

The Aboriginal Steering Committee (ASC) was established in 2003 to provide guidance to HELP as our research applies to and has implications for Aboriginal peoples and the programs and policies that serve them. The committee is made up of community members of Aboriginal ancestry, including an Elder representative. ASC members share a common interest in the early experiences of children in their communities. They are vital to ensuring that HELP’s research has meaning for, and is consistent with, Aboriginal communities' objectives and intentions.

Map of the HELP ASC Member Locations across the province

The ASC assists HELP in the ongoing development of research and community engagement initiatives that support further understanding of social and cultural determinants of Aboriginal children's wellbeing from the many diverse Aboriginal people's perspectives in B.C.

The Aboriginal Steering Committee's mission is to provide guidance to HELP as its research applies to and has implications for Aboriginal peoples and the programs and policies that serve them.  

Within HELP’s overall vision, the ASC ensures that research activities undertaken by HELP that pertain to Aboriginal peoples are appropriately reflective of the cultures, languages, knowledge, and values of Aboriginal peoples within their lands and language relationships.

The ASC will continue to evolve and be responsive in its purpose and make significant contributions to the research of HELP.

Members of the Aboriginal Steering Committee

Jeremy Belyea