Three new HELP Research Briefs now available

HELP is pleased to announce three new Research Briefs. Addressing Barriers to Access offers insight into barriers to access within and around existing services. Understanding Critical Difference in EDI Results provides important information about meaningful change. What makes a difference for early child development? Total Environment Assessment Model for Early Child Development (TEAM-ECD) provides understanding of a child's environments and how the qualities of these environments play a significant role in influencing early development.

Visit the HELP Documents page to view these and other HELP Research Briefs and Fact Sheets.

New Including all Children and Families-Expanding Partnerships website

The Including all Children and Families-Expanding Partnershipsproject has a new website. The site provides information, materials, and resources for caregivers, healthcare professionals, students, and educators of children who have been identified as vulnerable due to developmental delays, identified disabilities, or other challenges. Resources include pre-screening questionnaires that will help parents and professionals get a general idea about how well a child is doing, in all developmental areas. As well, the site offers a free online course about the development of children who are between the ages of birth and 12 years.

The Including all Children and Families-Expanding Partnerships project project has been made possible through the assistance of Social Development Partnerships Program through the Government of Canada, and builds on an earlier project entitled the Social Inclusion Project for At-Risk Infants and Children (SIP).