Latest MDI School District & Community Reports are online.

On behalf of Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl , we are excited to share that Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) School District & Community Reports for 2019/2020 are now available. The BC School District and Community reports provide a comprehensive overview of MDI results for participating school districts, including Neighbourhood Profiles and maps.

Data Highlights 2019/2020: Improvements to the MDI
To address an increased focus on children’s mental and physical health, we reviewed existing research and consulted with education and health experts to identify and add two additional questions to the MDI that asked children to report on their “Help-seeking for Emotional Well-being” and “Transportation To and From School.” Specifically, these new questions asked children about their help-seeking behaviours (“who they would talk to if they were feeling sad, stressed, or worried”) and about school transportation (“how they get to and from school, and how they wish to get to and from school”). Children’s answers to these questions can provide educators, parents, and other community stakeholders with the critical information they need to support children’s social and emotional health, and physical activity. To reflect changes in how health is currently conceptualized, we removed two questions on the MDI that asked children about their body weight and body image. We also updated the response options to the “Important Adult at Schools” question. For further information regarding these improvements to the MDI, we encourage you to review this year’s MDI Data Highlights and Trends document.

Discover MDI: A Field Guide to Well-Being in Middle Childhood is a companion to your School Reports, and your School District & Community Reports. The Discover MDI Field Guide can help you move from data to action. On you can:

The MDI team would like to extend its warmest appreciation to the students, teachers, and administrators who made this project possible. Twenty-eight school districts and over 23,000 children in BC contributed to this project in 2019/2020. As ever, it is a privilege to work with everyone involved. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any support with your MDI Reports. We always welcome and appreciate hearing about your experiences with our reports and resources.