Thank You

On behalf of faculty and staff, I want so share a warm HELP thank you to everyone who attended HELP’s Fall Expo 2019 – either in person or via webcast. We know there are many competing priorities requiring your time and energy, each and every day. We appreciate that you choose to spend your time with us at Fall Expo to support our collaborative work together. This event continues to get better and better in part because of your participation and contribution.

The morning presentations were recorded and are available HERE. We continue to collect PPT slides (PDF) and some of the resources our presenters mentioned. Please see our list to date below:

Meanwhile...Trends in the EDI patterns beyond BC -  Dr. Magdalena Janus
Generation Squeeze: Getting to the bottom of whay EDI trends aren't getting better - Dr. Paul Kershaw 

You’ll hear from us again soon as we look ahead to sharing more EDI Wave 7 results with you in the coming weeks. Our EDI Wave 7 Provincial Report will be released late November. The EDI Community Profiles for all 59 school districts in BC will follow shortly, with an anticipated release date in early December. In addition, the HELP team continues confirm a number of opportunities for additional EDI-related events and research presentations through 2020. Please watch our blog and social media channels for updates and registration information.