MDI Administration and Reporting Timeline Updates

January 15th marks the first day of MDI administration in British Columbia for the 2018/2019 school year. This is our eighth year of collecting MDI data and we are excited to share that this is the largest collection of MDI data to date.

January marks a new administration date for the MDI. Timing of the FSA’s and MDI last year made for a busy stretch for many of you, and we appreciated hearing your feedback on this. Based on our consultations with educators throughout BC, we believe this new timeframe will make it easier to administer the MDI with your students.

The administration date change means report release dates will also change. Please note the following BC report release dates:

  • School Reports - mid-April
  • School District and Community Reports, without Neighbourhood Profiles and Maps - mid- May
  • School District and Community Reports, including Neighbourhood Profiles and Maps - late spring.

We will work hard to summarize MDI data into maps and reports as quickly as possible within this new timeline. The School District and Community Reports released in May will include School District data but not Neighbourhood Profiles or maps. Neighbourhood Profiles and maps will be added to the School District and Community Reports that will be released in late spring, ensuring communities, schools, and governments have all the information they need to build and/or tailor supports and services for families and children where and when they are needed. 

We could not do this without the support and dedication of teachers, administrators and the children themselves. Thank you to all teachers and administrators participating in MDI collection. We are so grateful for your support.