MDI: A New Year, New Learning and New Champions

HELP's MDI Trainer Network activities kick off on January 25th when MDI Champions Peter Dubinsky (Burnaby School District) and Janelle Zebedee and Tricia Penny (Central Okanagan School District) join us for an online conversation about using MDI school data. But this is just the beginning.

On February 14th, HELP Director Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl will host a special webinar dedicated to the critical role sleep plays in middle years well-being. She will unpack the trends we are seeing in MDI data and discuss what schools, communities and families are doing in an effort to support healthy sleep. And later this spring we will showcase our new inquiry-based workshop guides. The guides will help you to get started on your Making Change journey and connect you with leaders in the government and non-profit sectors who use MDI data for community-wide planning.

Please visit our Events and Training page to sign up for upcoming webinars. And don't forget to share and encourage change-makers in your community to join.