EDI Subscales Webinar

In September 2017, HELP will be releasing new EDI subscale reports for all BC school districts. EDI subscale data are complex – and different from EDI vulnerability rates. These data may raise new questions, insights and considerations about childhood development and vulnerability in your region or community. To help address emerging questions we will be creating ongoing opportunities, both in person and online, to provide guidance and support for interpreting district and neighbourhood subscale data.

In the fall we’re supporting the launch of the reports with a public webinar, 'Getting started with your Community Subscales Data’, on October 11 from 3:30-4:30pm, hosted by HELP Research Associate, Dr. Barry Forer, and the HELP team. This is an opportunity to build your understanding of EDI subscales: what they measure, how they relate to EDI scales and contribute to vulnerability rates, how to make useful comparisons. Participants will also explore approaches to interpreting and comparing local and regional subscale data, with recommendations for incorporating subscale data into community discussions.

We encourage participation from those who work EDI data in BC and who are planning to use subscale data to deepen their understanding and expand dialogue on early childhood vulnerability in communities. Register Today!