EDI BC: 2016 Provincial Report

Our EDI BC Provincial Report is now online!

The EDI BC: 2016 Provincial Report (PDF) provides a comprehensive overview of the provincial trends that are emerging from over 10 years of data collection and analysis. The comprehensive PDF report includes School District data and maps as well as Subscales data. These data provide an opportunity to start new and deepen existing conversations at every level. They form a common place to start as we work together to improve child outcomes across the province. We hope you will use this report as a valuable resource in guiding policy and program decisions.

In addition to the provincial report, we are excited to announce that Wave 6 Community Profiles are also online.

EDI Community Profiles are comprehensive reports available for all of BC's 59 School Districts. Each community profile explores and synthesizes EDI data aggregated for the School District and its associated neighbourhoods. The Community Profile report includes multiple years of EDI data, from Wave 2 (2004-2007) to Wave 6 (2013-2016), and spatially maps EDI data at a neighbourhood-level. Community Profiles also provide information on provincial-level results that are intended to help communities situate themselves in the broader provincial context. This year’s reports also include Neighbourhood Profiles and School District Maps for all five scales of the EDI.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the HELP Implementation Team – edi@help.ubc.ca – if you have any questions or concerns about the reports and results.