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Those who work with the EDI know that it measures five different aspects of children’s development. Perhaps less well known is that four of the five EDI scales can be divided into subscales – with 15 EDI subscales in total. In 2016/2017 HELP will publish – for the first time - EDI subscale data for the province, school districts and neighbourhoods. Designed for those who could not attend the Fall Expo Subscales Workshop, this webinar will allow participants the opportunity to build on their work with the EDI by focusing on the subscales. It will help participants increase their knowledge of the developmental areas measured by subscales, how they are scored and their relationship to vulnerability rates at the scale level. Participants will explore approaches to interpreting and comparing local and regional subscale data and learn techniques for working with these data in their community settings.

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Date: Tuesday, November 22rd
Time: 3:30-4:30