MDI School District and Community Reports are online!

We are excited to announce that MDI School District and Community Reports for 2015/2016 are now available online. Please visit the MDI School District & Community Reports page to view reports from those BC school districts that have participated in this year’s project as well as in the past.

In addition, we have updated A Guide to Understanding Your MDI Results. This MDI companion resource was developed to support the interpretation and application of MDI results for schools and communities. The Guide provides an opportunity for users to explore the dimensions of the MDI – their importance in child development and how they are measured with the MDI - in an in-depth way. We encourage you to refer to the guide it as you explore your reports. Slide decks outlining key highlights from district/community results in an easy-to-present format will be available by the end of May.

The MDI team would like to extend its warmest appreciation to the students, teachers, and administrators who made this project possible. Thank you for your participation.