HELP's commitment to the TRC Calls to Action

June is National Aboriginal History Month, and today is National Aboriginal Day. It is a time to honour the cultural heritage, traditions and contributions of Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Today, we are taking an extra moment to reflect on the work that we are doing with our Aboriginal Steering Committee to support aboriginal communities in improving the well-being of their children.

We are most proud of our Aboriginal Steering Committee (ASC). Formed in 2003, the ASC includes members from Nations across BC who have expertise in child development, education, health, nursing and social work. The ASC guides a range of our research and reporting our initiatives to ensure that they are culturally safe and respect the history and traditions of BC’s Aboriginal peoples. They have also had a profound influence over the years on HELP’s culture and values. We are deeply grateful to each member of our ASC.

Currently HELP, with strong participation from our ASC members, is developing a strategic plan that commits HELP to honouring the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The plan will also prioritize an increasing emphasis on understanding the role of language and identity in children’s healthy development, and particularly the importance of the many Aboriginal languages spoken across the Province.

There is always more to do but we are taking some important steps to ensure HELP's research is inclusive of all children, including Aboriginal children living in on-reserve, urban and rural communities across the province. We look forward to sharing our progress with you.


Pippa Rowcliffe