EDI MDI Implementation Team Transitions

Noticing some different names on emails and other communications coming from the EDI and MDI Implementation team? There have been a few changes within the team and we wanted to share these updates with you.

Maddison Spenrath has been seconded to the MDI National Scale-out project as the National MDI Scale-Out Coordinator. She is working closely with Lisa Pedrini, MDI National Scale-Out Project Manager, as the MDI rolls out to four Canadian regions over the next two years.

Marit Gilbert has replaced Maddison as the EDI/MDI Implementation Project Coordinator. Marit should be a familiar name and face to you as she was most recently the EDI/MDI School Liaison and thus is beyond familiar with both the EDI and MDI projects.

Marit and Maddison’s secondments left a vacancy and we are pleased to welcome Sarah Noon-Ward as the EDI/MDI School Liaison. Sarah brings to HELP over ten years combined experience working to support wellness and education in Aboriginal communities through community engagement and outreach. We are so excited to have her with us.