HELP Publication Highlights 2015

Have a few days off this holiday? Catch up on your reading with these HELP publication highlights from 2015.

Gadermann A, Guhn M, Schonert-Reichl K, Hymel S, Thomson K, Hertzman C. A population-based study of children’s well-being and health: the relative importance of social relationships, health-related activities, and income. J Happiness Studies. 2015:1-26.

Poon, B.T., Rowcliffe, P., Forer, B., Wiens, M., Matean, M., & Biferie, M.  Evaluation report 2015. BC Early Years Centres (EYC) initial lessons learned. Vancouver, BC: Human Early Learning Partnership, School of Population and Public Health; 2015 Aug.

Schonert-Reichl KA, Oberie E, Stewart Lawlor M, Abbott D, Thomson K, Oberlander TF, et al. Enhancing cognitive and social-emotional development through a simple-to-administer mindfulness-based school program for elementary school children: a randomized controlled trial. Dev Psychol.2015;51(1):52-66.

Kershaw P. Population aging, generational equity & the middle class. Vancouver, BC: Generation Squeeze; 2015

Park M, Kobor MS. The potential of social epigenetics for child health policy. Canadian Public Policy. 2015;41(Supplement 2):S89-S96