HELP Visits Chilliwack, May 21st, 2013

HELP is excited to announce that we will be visiting you! Join us in Chilliwack on May 21st, 2013 to hear
from our lead researchers and participate in workshops highlighting HELP’s most recent research.

We will take an in depth look at HELP’s work in collecting population level data on children in B.C., using both the Early and Middle Years Development Instruments (EDI and MDI).  The presentations will focus on what we have learned about children’s development and the impacts this knowledge has had. We will also be presenting new results from the MDI, illustrating trends, and demonstrating the value of linking Kindergarten, Grade 4 and Grade 7 results.

Afternoon Workshops:

1.    Why Do Community Systems Matter? Explore the interaction of environments that impact children’s development and examine how you can make a difference locally.  The focus will be on an asset based approach to change.

  2.    What Does the MDI Tell Us? Get an in depth look at results from the MDI and an overview of the valuable information that is gathered using this instrument. Learn how it can be used to make a difference in your community.

On-line registration is now open