MDI Tools for Action Workshop

When: Monday November 5, 1-4pm
Where: United Way Boardroom, 4543 Canada Way  Burnaby, BC

The MDI is a survey that children fill out in Grade 4 that measures five broad aspects of their development: social and emotional development, connectedness, school experiences, physical health and well-being and constructive use of after school time. The survey also gathers information about assets within the home, school, and community needed for positive childhood development.

This workshop will bring together school and community professionals to work with a suite of resources that support the use of MDI data to inform program and policy changes at the local, regional and provincial level. It will move participants through the process of understanding the importance of the middle years, developing competency in interpreting MDI results, and learning how to use these data in moving to action.

Note: this is the same workshop that was presented at the HELP Fall Research Expo on Oct. 24, 2012.

To register, please visit the MDI Tools for Action registration page.