HELP Job Posting - Community Engagement Coordinator

HELP has a new job opening: Community Engagement Coordinator – December 1/12 to June 30/13 (Posting #14446).

The Community Engagement Coordinator is responsible for developing, implementing, managing and evaluating the Knowledge Mobilization Plan for the HELP Family Policy (Gen Squeeze) project.   The Coordinator will be responsible for researching, compiling, analyzing and reporting on information provided by f interested groups and individuals, and liaison with same.   Will work with the PI and Senior Researcher to engage the public both on-line (through the execution of a comprehensive social media plan) and at a range of face-to-face events, and will respond to public and media requests for information. The Coordinator provides expert advice and feedback to the Gen Squeeze team regarding the effectiveness of the strategy as it unfolds and proposes refinements that respond to the evolving context.

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