Does Canada work for all generations? speaking tour

University of British Columbia Scholar Dr. Paul Kershaw, will present the recently released Family Policy Report for Canadians—Does Canada Work For All Generations?—along with province-specific findings. His research suggests that Canada has become a far more difficult place to raise a family. “The generation raising kids today is squeezed for time at home; they are squeezed for income because of the cost of housing, even when not ‘poor’; and they are squeezed for services like child care that will help them balance successfully raising a family with earning a living,” said Kershaw.

To guide the conversation, Kershaw will encourage Canadians to “think like a beaver.”  “Beavers build dams, even though no beaver lives in them.  Why?” asks Kershaw.  “Because the dam creates a reservoir on which the entire community of beavers depends for its standard of living. For most of our history, Canadians thought the same way, building social policy as a ‘national dam’. It’s time we renew our beaver logic to adapt to the seismic shift in the standard of living with which the generation raising young kids now struggles.”

Upcoming Speaking Dates
January 19, Halifax
January 24, Victoria 
February 2, Early Years Conference 2012