New B.C business leaders video series launched

Warren Beach, CFO of Sierra Systems, is interviewed in the first of five videos outlining why provincial business leaders have become concerned about work life conflict among parents with young children. This theme is central in Paul Kershaw's research concerning family policy and his New Deal for Families policy recommendations.

Mr. Beach provided a third party perspective to Dr. Kershaw's research and analysis. His video interview explains why he got involved with Dr. Kershaw's research and how substantial the costs of absenteeism, turnover and employee health really are to businesses across the British Columbia.

In addition, Debi Hewson, CEO Odlum Brown, Yuri Fulmer, CEO FDC Capital, and Anita Huberman, CEO Surrey Board of Trade, are briefly interviewed. Watch for their videos regarding the effects of parental work life conflict on B.C. businesses to be posted soon. 

Visit Dr. Kershaw’s A New Deal for Canadian Families blog to learn more about his research including Generation Squeeze and his family policy recommendations.