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    Knowledge Exchange Spotlight: Mariana Brussoni — Trusting partnerships create tangible impact

    Dr. Mariana Brussoni, director of the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) and a professor in UBC’s Department of Pediatrics and School of Population and Public Health, is an internationally lauded public scholar. Her research focuses on children’s risky play – play where children take risks, such as climbing trees, building structures, or playing around fire. She examines how to shift parent and caregiver perceptions of risk so that children have more opportunities for taking risks in play.

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    Latest data show that one in three kindergarten children still vulnerable in BC

    The latest wave (Wave 8) of Early Instrument Data (EDI) data collected by the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) shows that one in three children in BC were arriving at kindergarten vulnerable, or developmentally behind, in one or more of the core areas important to their future success.