Video: Bringing Knowledge Full Circle Webinar

Bringing Knowledge Full Circle: Aboriginal Children’s EDI Data and Community Stories webinar took place on February 26th, 2015.

The second in the HELP and Success by 6 Winter Webinar Series, this webinar showcased HELP’s Aboriginal-specific EDI data holdings.  Joseph Dunn, Provincial Director, Success by 6 BC, and Kim Bayer, HELP's Aboriginal Community Liaison Coordinator,  shared information about HELP's Aboriginal data, the role of the HELP Aboriginal Steering Committee is supporting this work, and how Aboriginal Early Years Tables across the province are working with this research data to support community planning.

Video: Critical Difference webinar

What’s the Difference? Using Critical Difference to Understand EDI Data webinar took place on January 27th 2015.

The first in the HELP and Success by 6 Winter Webinar Series, this webinar focuses on change over time - known as Critical Difference - in Early Development Instrument (EDI) scores. HELP Research Methodologist Barry Forer and HELP Geospatial Technical Lead Jay Douillard provide background and important information about Critical Difference and how to calculate it. In addition, Success by 6 Provincial Director, Joseph Dunn, was on hand to offer perspectives as an Early Years Community Development practitioner in BC.