TDI: Information for Facilitators


What is the TDI?

The TDI is a questionnaire for parents/caregivers of children age 12-24 months that will help us understand the needs and experiences of BC families. The TDI questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete. Completing the TDI is voluntary and all responses are confidential. Individual responses will not be made public. Topics covered by the TDI include:

  • Child health and well-being;
  • Early social experiences;
  • Caregiver well-being and context;
  • Family support; and
  • Community resources

Why is the TDI important?

Children’s early experiences have been shown to affect lifelong health and well-being. The purpose of the TDI is to increase our understanding of the early experiences, needs, and barriers faced by families with young children. Group-level findings from the TDI will be shared with communities and stakeholders to inform planning and action at local and regional levels. We anticipate that TDI data will contribute to building family and community resources, which, in turn, will better support the well-being of children, families, and communities.

Are you a TDI Facilitator?

If you work with families with toddlers in Richmond, Revelstoke, Powell River, the Kootenays, Campbell River or Comox Valley we want to work with you! We rely on individuals working with families in their community to share the opportunity for families to complete the TDI. For more information, please contact the TDI Research Project Coordinator or check out our TDI Facilitator Blog for more information and resources.