Martin Guhn

Martin Guhn
Associate Professor

Martin Guhn is Associate Professor at the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), School of Population and Public Health, UBC, and member of the Canadian Council on the Social Determinants of Health. He has a PhD in Human Development (UBC), conducted a Michael Smith Foundation of Health Research postdoctoral fellowship in Population Health at HELP, and has a master’s degree in Psychology and a bachelor degree in Music. 

His interdisciplinary, applied research focuses on social, cultural, demographic, and socio-economic determinants of children’s and adolescents’ developmental health, wellbeing, and educational trajectories. This research draws from population-level data linkages, and the EDI, MDI, TDI, CHEQ, and YDI research projects. 

Further research interests include children’s social and emotional development, bio-ecological theories of human development, and validation of population-level assessment. A primary goal of this research is to contribute to policy decision making and community-based knowledge mobilization that helps all children thrive.

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