Joanne Schroeder

Joanne Schroeder
Max Bell Foundation Policy Fellow

Joanne Schroeder is a Senior Policy Fellow at the Human Early Learning Partnership. With the support of the Max Bell Foundation and the HELP team, she is emerging a renewed approach to building leadership capacity in the child serving systems.

She is also the Executive Director of the Comox Valley Child Development Association a multi-service agency on Vancouver Island, giving her a unique lens on putting research into practice.

Joanne was a core member of the HELP team for over a decade, both as Deputy Director and as the initial lead for HELP’s community engagement activities. She was the initial Provincial Advisor to “Children First”, a project that worked in 45 BC communities and was the National Lead Fellow for the Canadian Council for Early Child Development.

Joanne’s appointment as Senior Policy Fellow is a natural extension in her career long commitment to building better systems and policies for children and youth, through leveraging innovative practice, community leadership and research. The emerging Systems Leadership Centre for Children at HELP will explore, demonstrate and share a new model of systems work that will build on the successes seen in communities throughout Canada, with the intent to create longer term impact.