MDI Canada


Building on the success of the MDI National Scale-out Project (2015-2018), HELP is now taking the MDI survey to Canadian sites outside BC. 

What are the goals of MDI Canada?

Working with partners across Canada, HELP will use the data from the MDI survey for measuring children’s social and emotional health and well-being and to provide schools, communities and governments with data from the children themselves. It is our intent that schools, communities and governments use this data in their planning and decision-making about programs and initiatives for children. An overall goal is that the MDI becomes part of a national system for monitoring children’s well-being. 

What kind of information does the MDI survey gather?

The MDI survey gathers valuable information about how children in their middle childhood years, typicly Grade 4 and Grade 7, think and feel about their lives. It includes questions related to the five areas of development that are strongly linked to well-being, health and academic achievement. This information can be used in planning at the school and community level to enhance children’s well-being and healthy development. The MDI survey has been used in this way in BC since 2009. As of 2018, 150,000 children across Canada have responded to the MDI. 

The MDI survey is completed by children during one or two class periods. Previous research has found that responses from children in grade 4 and above are as reliable and valid as responses from adults.
Ensuring children’s privacy is a very important aspect of the MDI. For more information about the MDI itself and the ways children’s privacy is protected, see the MDI page.

Where has the MDI Survey been used?

Alberta Calgary Catholic School Board 2017
Manitoba Manitoba First Nations School System 2017-2019
North West Territories All Education Authorities 2016-2019
Nova Scotia Annapolis Valley Regional School Board 2017-2019
Nova Scotia Chignecto-Central Regional School Board 2015-2019
Ontario Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board 2019
Ontario Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board 2018
Ontario Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board 2015-2019
Ontario Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board 2015-2018
Ontario Waterloo Region District School Board 2018
Ontario Waterloo Catholic District School Board 2019
Yukon Commission Scolaire Francophone du Yukon 2019

What happens after the survey results are collected?

HELP prepares a school report for each grade as well as school baord reports, which are shared by the school board. Engaging the school and community and sharing MDI results is foundational to the process of making use of data. Community engagement involves a process of bringing stakeholders together to examine the MDI reports and discuss implications for their local initiatives.

Additional Information

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