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School District and Community Reports 

Please find below links to your School District and Community MDI reports, a package of maps and reports that will illustrate your Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) results. In addition, Discover MDI: A Field Guide to Promoting Well-Being in Middle Childhood, is a companion to your School District and Community reports. The MDI Field Guide will walk you through the steps to start making sense of your MDI data and start making change in your schools, district and community. We encourage you to access this resource to support your exploration of MDI data with your staff and students.


Report Update (June 7, 2018): The legend for the Assets Index colours was incorrectly labelled in the Neighbourhood Profiles section of the report. Reports have been updated to show that the dark brown colour indicates more assets, and light brown indicates fewer assets. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this update or if you require support with your MDI Reports.

MDI Grade 4 2018  pdf 2018

Sharing Your Data

Sharing your MDI data with others is a critical first step to improve outcomes for children. Discover MDI: A Field Guide to Promoting Well-Being in Middle Childhood includes tips and tools that will help schools and communities interpret and act upon the data included in the MDI reports. Vist the Discover MDI Share Your Data page to learn more.

In addition, HELP staff and researchers are here to help. We would be happy to answer questions, provide support and assist with interpretation of your results. 

MDI Grade 4 2018 - Data Presentation Slides ppt 2018

Local MDI Contacts

District Trainer Karen Alvarez -