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School District and Community Reports 

The links below provide access to School District and Community MDI Reports for each year the School District participated. MDI reports contain a wealth of data provided by the children in your schools and communities and report results at both district and neighbourhood-levels. For the full list of measures and more information about the individual questions and response scales, please see the MDI Technical Guide.


MDI Grade 7 2020  pdf 2020


Moving to Action

We encourage you to explore the various supports and tools in our companion resource, Discover MDI: A Field Guide to Promoting Well-Being in Middle Childhood. Discover MDI provides a supported, step-by-step journey that will help you gain familiarity with the MDI measures, make sense of your MDI data, and guide approaches to sharing and building dialogue within schools, school districts, and communities. 

Sharing your MDI data with others is a critical first step to improve outcomes for children. Visit the Sharing Your Data page to get started:

In addition, HELP staff and researchers are here to help. We would be happy to answer questions, provide presentation support and assist with interpretation of your results. Please contact us via:

Local MDI Contacts

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