MDI School District  & Community Reports


The Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) is a self-report questionnaire that asks children in Grade 4 and Grade 7 about their thoughts, feelings and experiences in school and in the community. The MDI is not an assessment for individual children. Instead, it is a unique and comprehensive population based measure that helps us gain a deeper understanding of children’s health and well-being during middle childhood. Results from the MDI are used to understand the factors that promote children’s social-emotional health and well-being. In addition, the MDI is being used to inform policy and practice and support collaboration across education, health and community sectors.

School District and Community Reports 

The links below provide access to School District and Community MDI reports for participating districts (2010-2020). MDI reports contain a wealth of data provided by the children in British Columbia’s schools and communities, and report results at both district and neighbourhood-levels. For the full list of measures and more information about the individual questions and response scales, please see the MDI Technical Guide.

An * indicates school districts that participated in 2019/20. Please note that reports are available only for the school districts in British Columbia that have opted to participate.

Discover MDI: A Field Guide

Our online resource – Discover MDI: A Field Guide to Promoting Well-Being in Middle Childhood – is a companion to your MDI reports. It provides a wide-range of strategies and tools that support districts and communities to build an understanding of the MDI along with information on how to promote the well-being of children in middle childhood. The Field Guide provides a supported, step-by-step journey that will help you gain familiarity with the MDI measures, make sense of your MDI data, and guide approaches to building dialogue and action within schools, school districts, and communities. Resources include including an MDI 101 overview, Quicksheets related to each MDI measure, Workshops to support your use of MDI data in schools and communities, and a Connect section that feature new research, activities and ideas collected from across Canada and the world. 

Additional workshop and presentation support for using MDI to move to action in your schools and communities is available – please get in touch if you are interested:

2019/2020 Data Highlights and Trends Report

The Middle Years Development Instrument Data Highlights and Trends 2019-2020 provides information on key results emerging from participating BC districts for the most recent MDI data (2019-2020). The report provides highlights from two new questions added to the MDI this year. It is important to emphasize that MDI data were collected in January and February of 2020, before the current pandemic and its associated school and community centre closures, service interruptions, and widespread self-isolation and physical distancing practices were required. 

Read the 2019-2020 Data Highlights and Trends Report 

View the 2018-2019 Data Summary Report