MDI School District  & Community Reports


The Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) is a self-report questionnaire that asks children in Grade 4 and Grade 7 about their thoughts, feelings and experiences in school and in the community. The MDI is not an assessment for individual children. Instead, it is a unique and comprehensive population based measure that helps us gain a deeper understanding of children’s health and well-being during middle childhood. Results from the MDI are used to understand the factors that promote children’s social-emotional health and well-being. In addition, the MDI is being used to inform policy and practice and support collaboration across education, health and community sectors.

School District and Community Reports 

Please find below links to the School District and Community MDI reports for participating districts (2010-2019). Reports illustrate MDI results at two levels of geography: School District and Neighbourhood. For the full list of measures and more information about the individual questions and response scales, please see the MDI Technical Guide.

An * indicates school districts that participated in 2019. Please note that reports are available only for the school districts in British Columbia that have opted to participate.

Important Message About 2018/19 MDI Data Trends

In 2018/19, MDI data collection was moved from November to January/February in response to requests from MDI school districts, and this may have had an influence on a range of MDI measures. Improvements were also made to our online data capture and reporting system, and the ‘Number of Important Adults at School’ question appeared differently as compared to previous years. We strongly recommend you read our MDI Data Trends Summary 2018/19 for more information as you interpret your MDI data this year. Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl also highlighted 2018/19 MDI data trends in a recent webinar, Preparing for Your 2018-19 MDI School District Reports. The webinar recording can be viewed HERE. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any support with your MDI reports at

Discover MDI: A Field Guide

Discover MDI: A Field Guide to Promoting Well-Being in Middle Childhood, is a companion to your MDI reports. The MDI Field Guide will walk you through the steps to start making sense of your MDI data and start making change in your schools, district and community. It includes an amazing variety of resources including an MDI 101 page, Quicksheets related to each MDI measure, a Technical Guide, and a Connect section that feature new research, activities and ideas collected from across Canada and the world. We encourage you to access this resource to support your exploration of MDI data with your staff and students.