Community Profiles

Your EDI Community Profiles explore and synthesize EDI scale-level data aggregated for your School District and its associated neighbourhoods. The data used are based on children’s home postal codes and represent children who live in your School District, including children attending both public schools and participating Independent and on-reserve schools. 

Your Wave 7 Community Profile

Wave 7 EDI data for School District 74 Gold Trail are suppressed and as a result a Wave 7 EDI Community Profile is not available. At HELP, data are suppressed for school districts and neighbourhoods with fewer than 35 kindergarten children.


Your Wave 6 Reports

Wave 6 EDI data was collected across British Columbia between 2013 and 2016. Wave 6 reports provide an overview of the patterns and trends in early child development for Wave 6 (2013-2016) and explore change over time from Wave 2 (2004-2007) through Wave 6, based on EDI data collected and analyzed for kindergarten children between 2004 and 2016. 


Interactive Map

Interested in exploring spatial trends and patterns for school districts and neighbourhoods? HELP’s new interactive mapping tool supports the exploration of EDI data across all five scales and over multiple Waves (combined years of data). Discover EDI data for your community or region by clicking on the map to access neighbourhood-level data for this School District.

Interactive Map

EDI Resources

Please visit our EDI Resources page for a list of EDI resources that will provide more information about the questionnaire and its development, the five EDI scales of child development, what we mean by vulnerability and more.

Older Reports & Maps

Looking for past reports and data? The Wave 6 Community Profile includes data from Waves 2 through Wave 6 (2004-2016). In addition, HELP’s interactive mapping tool supports the exploration of EDI data across all five scales and over multiple Waves (combined years of data). Still can't find what you are looking for? Please email us at to request archived reports and mapsets.

Local EDI Contacts

Have a question regarding EDI in your local community? Please contact:

EDI District Lead Stephanie Johnson --
EDI Community Lead Deanna Horsting --

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Have questions about how to interpret your reports or the data? We are here to help and would be happy to assist.

EDI Administration and Collection Questions: Brandon Schulmeister, EDI Implementation Lead
Reporting and Outreach Questions or Outreach Invitations: Kate Buium, Early Years Knowledge-to-Action Lead