Library and Resources


HELP produces a variety of publications and resources all designed to provide you with the most up to date information related to HELP’s research as well as key child development research.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Find journal articles written by HELP faculty and affiliates. Abstracts are available for most items; full-text is available for items published as open access.

Fact Sheets & Research Briefs

Find ‘one-pagers’ and brochures that provide summaries of projects and topics. For example, the Early Development Instrument Fact Sheet provides an overview of the EDI monitoring tool.

Reports and Books

Find books and reports written by HELP faculty and affiliates. 

HELP Reads & Literature Reviews

Find recent journal articles and reports on a wide range of child development topics. This resource enables you to stay current with research findings, government reports, and more. In addition, you will find reference lists for selected child development topics – for example, The Importance of Play/physical Activity on Children’s Development.

TDI, EDI and MDI Citation Lists

Find the Toddler Development Instrument (TDI) Citation List, the Early Development Instrument (EDI) Citation List  and the Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) Citation List. Each includes select publications and reports for the respective research project.  


Find HELP's YouTube channel which includes links a wide variety of HELP produced videos and recorded webinars. 

Presentation Slides

Find a selection of presentation slide decks that are commonly used by HELP Faculty and staff during community presentations. These decks provide a foundational understanding of HELP research topics and will support users in building capacity and understanding of the EDI, MDI and other HELP research.