EDI Resources


Offord Centre

The Offord Centre for Child Studies is where the EDI was developed. Visit the centre’s website to learn more about EDI initiatives in Ontario and nationally:

Early Development Instrument (EDI): https://edi.offordcentre.com/
EDI bibliography: https://edi.offordcentre.com/resources/bibliography-of-the-edi/
EDI provincial reports from across Canada: https://edi.offordcentre.com/partners/canada/ 

Human Early Learning Partnership 

HELP has created a series of resources to support interpretation and use of EDI data:

Community Data at Work: Exploring Local Patterns and Trends in the Early Years (video)
This 30 minute video walks viewers through Wave 7 Community Profile reports, highlighting data and providing tips about how to interpret the data.

EDI Wave 7 Provincial Report (British Columbia)
Introduction to the EDI
Interactive EDI Maps
Resources Mentioned in Community Data at Work: Exploring Local Patterns and Trends in the Early Years video (PDF)
EDI Vulnerability Fact Sheet (PDF)
EDI Understanding Critical Difference (PDF)
Early Development Instrument (EDI) – Selected Publications and Reports Contents include development and history, findings, psychometric properites and more. 

Watch a short video of Clyde Hertzman discussing the importance of the EDI.

Systems Leadership Information

Joanne Schroeder and Pippa Rowcliffe (2019). Growing Compassionate Systems Leadership: A Toolkit. Human Early Learning Partnership.
Peter Senge, Hal Hamilton, John Kania (2015). The Dawn of Systems Leadership. Stanford Social Innovation Review. (Book)
C. Otto Scharmer (2018). The Essentials of Theory U: Core Principle and Applications. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. (Book)