BC Early Childhood Vision Screening Program: Final Evaluation Report

Poon B.


This report responds to nine evaluation questions established by the BC Early Childhood Vision Screening Evaluation Subcommittee. The report begins with an overview of the data sources and methodologies used in the evaluation process then proceeds into a summary of the 2007/08, 2008/09 and 2009/10 vision screening results for kindergarten children and three-year-olds. Results are presented for the province, HAs, and Health Service Delivery Areas (HSDAs). Following a discussion of program coverage, screening referral rates and diagnostic outcomes, is a review of the results drawn from the provincial staff questionnaires. These findings are presented in relation to barriers to program coverage and lessons learned for both the kindergarten and the three-year-old vision screening programs. The report concludes with an overview of the key themes that have emerged from the evaluation findings, and recommendations for the BC Early Childhood Vision Screening Program.



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