Healthy Children, Healthy Nations: Family Policy, Cultural Vitality and Economic Growth. A 15 by 15 Research Brief by the Aboriginal Steering Committee

2010 Human Early Learning Partnership

“Nothing is more important to our communities than for our children to be given the best environment in which to grow, thrive and prosper,” noted Grand Chief Ed John following a July 2008 gathering of First Nations Chiefs from across B.C. Chief John’s comments reflect a broad understanding among Aboriginal Peoples of the inherent links between healthy children and healthy Nations. This understanding places children at the centre of Aboriginal Peoples’ work towards self-determination and self-sufficiency, with respect for their own spiritual values, histories, languages, territories, political institutions and ways of life. In this brief, we show how this understanding guides the family policy recommendations of the Human Early Learning Partnership in its report, 15 by 15: a Comprehensive Policy Framework for Early Human Capital Investment; and why these same recommendations should command attention from both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Peoples in order to motivate senior levels of government to adopt family policy that promotes healthy children and healthy Nations for minority and majority.

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