HELP’s Expo series kicks off on February 8, 2021

Challenges and Change: Exploring ‘What is’ and ‘What could be’ for BC’s Children and Families

As a result of COVID-19, HELP is shifting our annual Expo online, planning a series of informative, engaging and interactive virtual presentations through the winter and spring. The series will provide an opportunity for HELP faculty, staff and Aboriginal Steering Committee members, along with our partners and collaborators, to share important information about what is happening right now for children and families in BC. Most importantly, it will provide everyone an opportunity to connect and contemplate together a better, post-COVID world.

Our Expo series will run from February to May 2021. Sessions are connected within this year’s theme - Challenges and Change: Exploring ‘What is’ and ‘What could be’ for BC’s Children and Families - and will include research presentations, workshops and dialogues. We will also be bringing back our popular Coffee Talks series. 

Monday, February 8, 2021
The Expo series will kick off February 8th with a morning dedicated to honouring the life and work of HELP’s co-founder, Dr. Clyde Hertzman. Honouring the Legacy of Clyde Hertzman: Reflections and Dialogue on 20 years of HELP’s Monitoring System will bring together friends and colleagues to share how Clyde’s legacy continues to influence child development in Canada. Join HELP as we reflect on the role Clyde played in creating a framework that links population health to human development, emphasizing the special role of early child development as a determinant of health. Through various research insights and conversation, we will revisit Clyde’s vision for a world where all children and families are thriving and explore how we can get there in these challenging times. 

Monday, March 8, 2021
Our second Expo event will take place March 8th and will focus on building our collective understanding of the impacts of COVID-19 on children and families. The stress and disruption brought about by COVID-19 are of real concern. The research is clear! The pandemic has exacerbated existing social and health inequities and impacted the mental health of Canadians. All children and families, but particularly those that are more vulnerable, are experiencing increased challenges. Join us as we share research and insight about the state of child development right now. More detail and registration to come in January 2021.

Additional Expo events, including research and dialogue sessions in March and April, partner workshops, community dialogues and Coffee Talk sessions, are also being planned. More  information about these sessions will be available in the new year. In the meantime, please save February 8th and March 8th. Zoom registration for our February 8th session will open January 12th. 

As we come to a close on a challenging year, we look forward to starting 2021 with energy and optimism with our extended HELP network. We hope to see you there. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact Amy Mullis - - if you have any questions or require assistance.