MDI collection begins January 15, 2020

January 15th marks the first day of MDI administration in British Columbia for the 2019/2020 school year and the MDI Implementation Team is busy, connecting with participating districts and rolling out the necessary resources including Survey Administrator Packages, Parent and Guardian Informed Passive Consent Letters and Info Sheets.

Twenty-seven districts are participating this year, three of which are new to the MDI – Quesnel, Abbotsford and Campbell River.

In addition to administration resources the MDI Team has updated and introduced some new parent specific resources. Some of the questions on the MDI might be on topics that are new to children and therefore might cause them to ask their parents and/or caregivers or teachers questions about these topics. A new MDI Questions Brief has been created in an effort to provide more information and background about the kinds of questions that are on the MDI. We have also updated the Parent Information Sheet, which outlines key information about the MDI including how it works, how the data is used and why the middle years matter.

We could not undertake the MDI Project without the support and dedication of teachers, administrators and the children themselves. Thank you to all teachers and administrators participating in MDI collection. We are so grateful for your support. Please watch for the School Reports and School District and Community Reports in late spring.