Final Year of Wave 7 EDI Data Collection

It is a busy time for our Early Development Instrument (EDI) Implementation Team. The final year of Wave 7 data collection for the EDI will begin in February 2019 and the team has sent invites and is in the process of preparations. We are excited to share that all school districts in the province who were scheduled to participate in this third and final year of Wave 7 have confirmed their participation. We have also heard back from Independent and First Nations schools in BC who are interested in participating in the EDI, some for the first time!

The EDI questionnaire gathers data that enable us to understand how children are doing in five developmental areas: social competence, emotional maturity, language and cognitive development, physical health and communication skills. EDI trends in child health and well-being across BC, reported at School District , health authority and neighbourhood levels are an essential tool in assisting School Districts and schools, early years professionals, health institutions and practitioners and communities to make evidence-based program and policy decisions toward improving outcomes for children.

HELP is committed to ensuring that the data we collect is made accessible to decision-makers at every level. Detailed School Reports will be shared in late spring and School District and Community reports for EDI Wave 7 data will be released in the fall. In addition, as this is the final year of data collection for EDI Wave 7, HELP will also be preparing a Provincial Report in the fall of 2019.

A big thank you to all of the teachers, parents, school administrators, school district staff, and community early years representatives for your time and dedication to the EDI. EDI data have become a central tool for collective decision-making in so many parts of BC and none of this would be possible without your involvement!