Growing Systems Leadership for Children - Call for Expressions of Interest is Open

Joanne Schroeder, Pippa Rowcliffe and the rest of the HELP team are excited to announce that the Growing Systems Leadership for Children Call for Expressions of Interest is open!

We are seeking 2 or 3 inter-sectoral groups in British Columbia who would like to be part of a ground breaking project to deepen leadership and collaboration towards improving the life chances of children in our province. These groups may be geographic or organizational “communities” who have a history of working together to create change.

It is the premise of this project that improving outcomes for children and their families hinges initially on the emergence of effective systems leadership, at many levels, and across child-serving systems.

An intensive, first of its kind, training opportunity for inter-sectoral groups working on improving outcomes for young children. The training aims to strengthen capacity in compassionate leadership and systems thinking. Participants will be better prepared to work together towards change, as well as gaining a deeper sense of personal meaning in their work.

The path to healthy development for children in Canadian society is becoming increasingly complicated, and there are reasons to be concerned. For too many of our children, the path to a healthy adulthood has become broken. The systems we have designed to support Canadian children and families are simply not doing an effective job and in many communities our young people are in crisis.

There is not at present an integrated system for children, nor are there mechanisms that effectively bridge the distinct systems that serve children and families. Our challenge is to create a system that reflects children’s developmental needs and provides seamless care from birth to school entry by weaving existing systems together more effectively.

The training approach draws on the belief that effective leadership requires shifts in how each individual leader, thinks, feels and behaves. It draws from a foundation of building skills in complex systems thinking and in enhancing the social and emotional learning of individuals. It aims to build compassionate leaders who can think and act systemically and who have a collective commitment to change. It is an applied, learner focused, approach that builds on a continuous cycle of acquiring skills and knowledge, practicing those skills and reflecting on their impact.

Complete information, Including overview, program commitment, assessment overview and full application requirements can be found here. All applications must be submitted by April 13, 2018, at 4:00pm. Submissions should be sent by e-mail to Joanne Schroeder.