Joanne Schroeder awarded a Max Bell Foundation Policy Fellowship

HELP is excited to announce that Joanne Schroeder, currently the Executive Director of the Comox Valley Child Development Association, has been awarded a Max Bell Foundation Policy Fellowship. She will be hosted by HELP in this role. The position will be effective in September and last for two years.

The Fellowship project will develop a framework for strengthening leadership in BC’s child-serving systems (health, education and child development). Over the next two years Joanne will develop a toolkit of best practices and then work with two or three communities to prototype, or try out, these tools in the real world through a training, coaching and mentoring process. By the end of the project the intention is to establish some infrastructure (based at HELP) that will allow the capacity building work to continue long term.

This work intersects beautifully with the community collaboration and networking research that is currently being led by Dr. Brenda Poon at HELP: this will act as a foundation for adaptive learning and understanding best practices throughout the project.

Welcome back Joanne.