Call for Membership! HELP - Aboriginal Steering Committee

The Human Early Learning Partnership’s Aboriginal Steering Committee (ASC) is seeking new members. We are looking for creative and energetic individuals from BC’s North Central, North East, and South East regions, who share our common interest in improving developmental outcomes for all Aboriginal children in BC.

Aboriginal Steering Committee

The Aboriginal Steering Committee (ASC) was established in 2003 to provide guidance to HELP’s research as it applies to and has program and policy implications for Aboriginal peoples.

The ASC is made up of community members of Aboriginal ancestry, including elders; members are vital to ensuring that HELP’s research has meaning for, and is consistent with, Aboriginal communities' objectives and intentions.

The ASC shares a common interest in the experiences of children in their communities, as well as HELP’s Human Development Program of Research (HDPR), which includes the toddler, early, and middle childhood years, and may expand to include youth in the future.

Requirements of ASC Members

  • Must be of Aboriginal ancestry
  • Must be available to work on ASC-related goals and activities as required
  • Commit to a two year term minimum
  • Have access to internet/email/telephone
  • Participate annually in two face-to-face meetings (2-3 days in April & November) generally held at the UBC Longhouse or the HELP office, Vancouver
  • Participate in occasional teleconference calls, when necessary
  • Provide a letter of support from current employer, where applicable
  • Provide an updated résumé, cover letter, and two references 
  • Provide a bio and contact info for the HELP website
  • Sign a confidentiality form
  • Take part in local HELP-related research workshops and other events, when available.

To learn more, please see visit the HELP Aboriginal Engagement web page

If you are interested in joining the ASC, please submit your résumé, cover letter, and two references by email to Kim Bayer at

Closing date: June 1, 2017.