Welcome Eva Oberle

We are pleased to announce the formal appointment of Dr. Eva Oberle as Assistant Professor at the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), School of Population and Public Health.

Eva completed graduate studies in psychology at the University of Heidelberg, earned a PhD in educational psychology from UBC, and conducted postdoctoral research at UIC and CASEL in Chicago. Her research investigates factors linked to positive child development and strategies for promoting mental health and wellbeing in the school context in particular. Her main focus is on social and emotional learning in schools, risk and resilience, and positive youth development. Eva is interested in the role of peer relationships, relationships with adults (e.g., family members, teachers, mentors), and school-level factors (e.g., classroom climate) in achieving positive, healthy, and successful child outcomes. She conducts quantitative research with population-based data, intervention evaluations, and large-scale cross sectional and longitudinal studies. Eva takes a whole-child approach, understanding child development within the ecological contexts in which children grow (i.e., home, school, neighbourhood, society).

You may recognize Eva’s name thanks to numerous media interviews she has done over the last week related to a study she co-authored with HELP Director, Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, Stress contagion in the classroom? The link between classroom teacher burnout and morning cortisol in elementary school students. Please see some links below. 

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