EDI Special Issue now available!

We are pleased to share that the Early Childhood Research Quarterly Early Development Instrument Special Issue is now available.

This special issue is devoted to new international research using Early Development Instrument (EDI). It features research papers from Sally Brinkman and Magdalena Janus as well as HELP's own Martin Guhn, Anne Gadermann, Alisa Almas, Constance Milbrath and Kimberly Schonert-Reichl. Clyde Hertzman is also included as an author, illustrating his profound impact and legacy in the field of early child development. 

Papers of note include “Associations of teacher-rated social, emotional, and cognitive development in kindergarten to self-reported wellbeing, peer relations, and academic test scores in middle childhood,” which links EDI to MDI, and “Associations between child home language, gender, bilingualism and school readiness: A population-based study.”

Please visit the publisher's website for more information about the special issue.